Jarkko Tervonen

I have been lazy

· Jarkko Tervonen

About two and half weeks ago, Coronavirus hit me the first time. I have lived without changing anything after the start of the pandemic and avoided the virus without any problems. Being sick has been relatively easy. I had only a slight fever for a couple of days, random tiredness, and a cough. The hardest part was that I had to stop my biking and running trips.

I do not know. I have done nothing after workdays because of the virus or my laziness. It’s a weird situation for me. Usually, I have a list of things to do, and if I do not, I go on long biking trips. This year, I haven’t even dreamed of participating in the advent of code.

But now it looks promising that I will be in good condition and ready for longer running or skiing trips. It could also mean more new blog posts.