Jarkko Tervonen

Throwback Thursday: My first touch with computers

· Jarkko Tervonen

I want to write about my history with the computers. Throwback Thursdays are an excellent way to try to remember what kind of exciting milestones my life with computers has.

I do not remember the years when the first three parts happened, but it was some years between 1983 and 1986. I was born in late 1979. I remember some things that happened in 1983 because we moved to another place in the summer of 1984.

My first touch with computers was my uncle’s Memotech MTX. My cousin introduced a couple of games. We played for hours, and it was love at first sight.

I remember what kind of games we played, and I tried to find them on the Internet. I found at least two arcade games that I am 100% sure that we played.

Memotech MTX - KiloPede

The first was Kilopede (see gameplay video at YouTube), created and published by Continental Software in 1983. The gameplay was similar to the Space Invaders game. “Aliens” come from up to down, and the player tries shooting them from the bottom of the screen.

Memotech MTX - Continental Raiders

The second one was Continental Raiders (see gameplay video at YouTube), also released by Continental Software in 1984. That was more like a Space Invaders arcade game.

That was the first part of my history with computers. I will continue the story in the following Thursday. Stay tuned!